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Author: Snez Dorseska

Our resolve, our patience and our sacrifice, means that Victoria the rest of Australia has been able to open up our personal and economic lives. The nation as a whole is healthier, wealthier, and indeed wiser because of it. Let us applaud the remarkable efforts that turned what was once thought impossible into a reality. […]
With over 23,000 clients, 400 communities, 7,300 staff and over 1,000 sites in Australia, Life Without Barriers (LWB) is most certainly one of Australia’s largest non-for-profit organisation. The Life Without Barriers team specialise in providing people with the services and assistance they need – disability care, foster care and aged care – so they can achieve their goals and maximise their opportunities to participate as fully in society as they wish.
The recent events of COVID-19 and lockdown presented many procurement challenges for our client Life Without Barriers, a charitable organisation supporting people by offering assistance so they can achieve their goals and participate in society as they wish.

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